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Newest SA-MP Client

Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:23 pm by Kubz

Here is the most recent client for SA-MP!

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The Eclipse [v4.8]

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The Eclipse [v4.8]

Post  Kubz on Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:11 am

- This is the gamemode I've been working on since September. Its been online for 2 months or so, we achieved a record of 38 players on first day, after that, all went somehow wrong, players disappeared, and ended up in just 1 or 2 connections a day, so that was the end of the server. Bugs after bugs and BUGS!
Most of them I've solved, but some still exist.

It was made from scratch, started in the new.pwn, but it is not totally by me, getting tired of working alone at the gamemode, I decided to borrow some filterscripts from the forum and join it with my server. Of course, original makers received all the credits, even the ones that helped with the testing and fixing.
I'm using SQLite


Version | Lines | Objects | Vehicles | Commands | Compiling Time
4.8 23.374 17.222 854 589 +10 seconds


Stuntparks | Races | Parkour | Drifts | Drags
| Deathmatch | Cities | Rollercoasters | Bigjumps | Basejumps | Fun | Others
/lsair /kabul /pk1-7 /drift1-5 /drag1-3 /idm /city1-4 /rc1-7 /bj1-10 /bsj1-10 /sfj /restaurant
/sfair /gp /mirrorpk /rundrift /wtfdm /bdesert /sfj /base /jj /goingdown
/lvair /fr /bmx /driftparking /ddz /gj /omg /wtg2 /funbowl
/chilliad /cr /bmx3 /driftship /ddz2 /pj /mhp /trans
/disney /mpk /driftcircle /m4dm /lsaj /dfun /arch
/aa /nrgmpk /driftbox /mdm /lvaj /mfun /loco
/changer /zdrift /ddm /bij /bloodyb /fo
/changer2 /drifti /ssdz /bij2 /lsammu
/opk /sdm /wj /sfammu
/wtfpk /exit /pc /lvammu
/pkpa /glj /ls
/pkh /scale /sf
/vbj /lv
/mjump /surfing

Player Commands Best Commands Cookies Center Best Commands Other Mini-Games
/register /radio /cookies /holycow /commands /trucking
/login /style /buycookie /v /updates /nc
/changepass /trashf /buycookiejar /car /rules /range
/stats /incred /givecookies /vhelp /help /wtfrace
/kill /police /eatcookie /antifall /creators
/god /iron /vspeed /cookies
/mywheels /dick /aspeed /server
/mypimp /alien /speed /credits
/buyweapons /weaponizer /boost /teleports
/myweapons /surfing /ss /light
/cpanel(/cp) /shake /bp /csd
/goto /sex /spin /katana
/pgoto /binds /phone
/mytime /boostoff /dildo
/myweather /up /bone
/myskin /vup /c
/time /cdive /eme
/report /nrg /accounts
/bug /inf /admins
/stuntmode /flip /vips
/tag /nos /pm
/s /fix /teles /l /me /vhelp /hold

  • Integrated Admin system. No need for an admin filterscript.(Remember, it is not 0Admin, it is proper made)
  • Mini-games.
  • Many stunts, objects, vehicles.
  • Very awesome and wicked commands you can try! Like becoming a monster, a trash fighter, whatever!
  • 0.3c Maps.
  • VIP System. You can check /viphelp

  • Many wicked vehicle commands, check /vcmds, like spin your vehicle, boost, hump.
  • Killing sprees. Each KS will get saved into your account.
  • Trucking Mini-Game! Start a trucking mission or freeroaming trough the cities! Transport import and get paid!
  • You can stylize your CJ! Type /style, a dialog pops up and you will be teleported to the styling place. You can choose from hats, weapons, lasers, parrots, glasses, bandanas!!
  • You can listen to radio while in-game, you need Audio Plugin by Incognito. (Romanian radios only, you can edit if you want, but hey! We play nice music too!)
  • Tabled server stats, connections, total kills, deaths, server uptime and more! Check /svstats

  • Lousy anti-bieber reaction tests!
  • Record for online players.
    There is a lot more!


Direct Link | Mirror

Romanian retards, come and grab it, change credits and claim it your own, thanks.
About these retards I was talking about: Click

Report bugs and everything related to the gamemode here.


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