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Newest SA-MP Client

Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:23 pm by Kubz

Here is the most recent client for SA-MP!

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Fort Carson Roleplay

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Fort Carson Roleplay

Post  Kubz on Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:05 am

Fort Carson Roleplay 0.3c

Important things first, credits.

pawn Code:
Public Enemy No1. creator
Very small credits Mercaurio x)

Why have I released the script?
I released the script because I lent someone the script, their server failed, so here I am releasing it to gain some recognition.

pawn Code:

*0.3c engine system - no longer the freeze and unfreeze crap.
*0.3c custom mask system - every skin has it's offsets and you choose from 6 things to put on your face ex. a hockey mask.
*0.3c opening the trunk and the hood.
*0.3c custom laser system, as a lead you can set if they have a laser or not /setlaser (Usually for a donation)
*0.3c SWAT, has /takeshield and /putshield for a riot shield, you have to be in the SWAT skin and a cop to use this.
*Custom mapped Fort Carson, Mapped a Sheriff's department (with it's small garage), unity station, fire department, mechanic area, a few other things (A few things were rushed because I had to do it all)
*Jobs - garbage picker, ice cream seller, clean up the city, cluck'n'bell delivery, Mechanic, trucker.
*EXCLUSIVE JOB - Quarell job, you find diamonds and deliver them back (Custom not see anywhere) - Admantis.
*Dyanmic factions, houses, biz, cars.
*/mask shows your HP & armor over your head to prevent hackers while wearing a mask.
*To buy seeds and chemicals you must be in a official faction & rank 2 +
*Two dealerships
*Backpack system do /backpack shows dialog to store cash / gun (CUSTOM backpack object)
*/acceptdeath scripted in (Needs work on)
*/helmet for when your in a bike.
*CCTV cameras all over Fort Carson, you must be a detective sergeant + to use it.  (It's in one particular spot in the police station, screenshot below) - (Needs a little work on, not completely finished)
*/unjail to get a person out of ajail.
*Custom login system, incase your using binds or you aren't you choose.
*Moved everything to Fort Carson, houses, business, teleports, everything,
*/tips show all common locations in Fort Carson, - in spawn.
*Fixed a lot of bugs from the original script
*So many more things I just don't have time to write it all for now. (and as I remember things)

Yes, it's an edit.
Yes, I'm not that good with Pawn.
I tried, this edit took a few months.
Yes there are still some bugs, will I fix them? Maybe.
Filterscript in use and must be used - Junkbuster.
Helped a lot by - Admantis.
Plugins in use - streamer.

Fort Carson Sheriff Department was renamed to San Andreas State Troopers (Because of the chief at the time)
/despawncopcar doesn't exactly work
I never got around to adding a plate system..
The names from the old server remain I can't be bothered to change them all back
Thanks for reading hope you enjoy or learn something from this edit!

Here's the picture for CCTV

Thanks I really worked hard on the script a long with Admantis, I hope you enjoy as much as I did (or didn't Razz)

I don't need any mirrors they might contain virus / edited files ?ll4otius5z6f9ac - Mediafire - 2shared

Don't forget about Admantis, he's as important as I am in this release

So if your going to REP+ me, be sure to REP+ him too Thanks A lot


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