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Newest SA-MP Client

Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:23 pm by Kubz

Here is the most recent client for SA-MP!

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Los Santos Life Roleplay

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Los Santos Life Roleplay

Post  Kubz on Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:59 pm

Downloads: 10,000 +

I would like to say sorry, as I promised a update(Major one) and I did not do it.
There is reason behind why, but only few know.
But the point is, I'd like to say sorry for not updating it as I said I would.
Within this month(Not right away) I will try to get the update all done, and released.
Sorry please, be paitent as scripting is not my top priority currently.



Lynn - Scripter.
SilentHuntR - Updated to 0.3c - Impound Command(s).
Forum Name - Donuts - Helped with scripting in Release v.1
Forum Name - ML-RP.COM - Came up with many of the ideas in Release v.1
- Great site, for all your SA:MP Needs.

Reason for Release:

I am releasing this Game mode due to,
the current server I am scripting for merged with
anther server, using their script instead of this one.
So I found no use to keep it around for nothing.
I due plan on updating it and releasing it when I do.
There is so much to like and so many unique things in this script.


New Jobs:

* Farmer

* Ice Cream Job

* Thief
* Lumber Jack

(Most Recently updated, is at the top of List.)

* Updated to 0.3c
* Briefcase Added. Purchase at 24-7
* 3D Texts for /enter.

* /factions Used in Dialog form - Lists available factions. - Anyone can use this command.
* /jobs Used in Dialog form. - Lists available factions. - Anyone can use this command. (Update coming, will set a checkpoint to the job, if clicked.)
* Chop Shop - Can add parts to your vehicle, cheaper then transfender.(Update will allow you to sell your car, replacing /sellcar & /dropcar system.)
* /fastfood - Dialog form - Located inside places, at counter.
* 0.3 Functions used a lot, such as Dialogs, 3D text, and bots.
* New tutorial - New "Backgrounds" - New Information - Not nearly as long.

* Hitmen have /plantbomb which allows them to place C4 on the ground.
* Hitman Agency now has a Custom interior.
* There is a custom hospital interior.
* A Vehicle damage system - Once you're about to catch on-fire a dialog shows you to either, Exit or Service a Mechanic.( Update will allow you to do the repair, with a tool kit.)
* A new drug system - New Drug Effect - New Drugs. Meth etc.
* Pot Farm, with 3DText as inventory - Update will allow pot plants to appear / disappear depending on pot amount in safe.
* Dialog Register / Login system.
* Seat-belt - /seatbelt - Update will allow you to get injured, if you wreck without wearing it.
* Cops can check if you are wearing a seat-belt - /checkbelt

* Hotdog van - /food in dialog form.
* Checkpoint disabling - /nocp
* Auto-take of seat-belt when exiting a vehicle.
* Social Security number - Located in /stats
* RC Vehicles - Update will allow you to purchase one from a 24-7 No helicopters(Heli Blade will kill others.)
* Underscore removed from names. EX: John_Doe now looks like John Doe In-Game. Also when talking.
* Death system, at 20 HP you go into the "crack" animation. Impossible to exploit.

If enter a car with anim. It ejects you.
* New /report system - Now in Dialog form.
* Anti-Money, speed, and weapon hack system.
* New Arms dealing features - Mat Running - Two locations.
* New Clothes in Binco - /skin to bring up dialog.
* New bank location and system - Located at the actual bank in Los Santos - In-front of the tunnel, near the tennis courts.
* Givable Rep.
* Gang turfs - /take over to take over a turf.
* 3D Text added to job locations.

* Ammunation with /gun and a bot.
* Realistic ammo system.
* Realistic Economy.
* Medical insurance
* Position Saving - When you log out, you will return to that spot when you log back in.
* New Paintball
* One handed weapons
* Dynamic Dealership
* Bank robbing system.

* New /mdc system - Cops can now check what LEO's or EMS are on. Along with other features.
* New Register system - You now have to do a question quiz(Simple RP Questions.)
* New /help - Now in Dialog form.
* /map - Located once you get off the plane when you first spawn. To your left.
* New /ah system - dialog form - Broke down into Level 1-5 Admin.
* New /veh
* New /goto - Dialog form, several locations to chose from.
* /senddmv - Sends a player of your choice to the DMV.
* /gotoid - Will teleport you to a ID of your choice.

* New fishing system - You now can buy a pole from a 24-7.
* Updated 24-7 with dialog.
* New drunk system - You can store weapons etc. Also take them out.(Update will allow you to lock the trunk.)
* New LSPD system, and /duty dialog
* New prison system with custom interior
* New medic system
* Fighting styles at gym
Much Much more to discover (:

* Do NOT Delete, or leave out anything in the download.
* ALL items are in there for a reason.

For more information, Plus Download Visit:
LSLRP - SAMP Resources

.:: | Suggestions | ::.

All suggestions that are liked, I will add in.
They must be one of a kind, or very good.

Hope you enjoy !!!


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